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Multi award-winning Canadian pianist/composer and Canada Council grant recipient, Matt Choboter has performed across Europe and North America. He has performed alongside leading contemporaries of Jazz piano at the 2016 UNISA (University of South Africa) International Piano Competition, performed with Trichy Sankaran, Brad Turner, John Gross, François Houle and many gifted improvisers from the Vancouver, Montreal, Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris scenes. Matt holds a Masters in Music Performance – European Jazz Masters – studying between the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (Copenhagen), Le Conservatoire Nationale Supérieur de Paris and Jazz Institut of Berlin. He has studied with Achim Kaufmann, Dan Weiss, Benoît Delbecq, Anders Brødsgaard, Karaikudi S. Subramanian and Jean-Michel Pilc. Matt has recorded and released two studio albums, samskaras and spillimacheen. Released in 2018 on Inner Circle Music, Spillimacheen has been described as “post-jazz of a distinctly personalized kind” (Ron Schepper of Textura). Based in Copenhagen, he is currently involved in the Advanced Post Diploma program for composition at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory.

“Insofar as it’s represented on Spillimacheen, Choboter’s music suggests the sensibility of a restless artist not necessarily ready to abandon conventional territory yet nevertheless eager to push beyond it in search of something more adventurous. Witnessing him engage in the process makes for exciting listening when the paths the music takes are unpredictable, as if the pianist and his partners are charting new routes with fresh discoveries emerging as they do so”. (Ron Schepper, Textura)

“Hearing Matt is, first and foremost, an emotional experience. Knowledge, virtuosity and sound are at the service of a vision, and Matt’s fearlessness and dedication grab you and never let go. He displays the same intensity in his highly personal compositions, which always tell a story and stay on the listener’s mind for a long time.” (Jean-Michel Pilc, Pianist)

“Spillimacheen, like the river that gives the album its name, twists and turns, bubbles and then becomes calm, changing with every melodic or rhythmic idea”.(Richard B. Kamins, StepTempest)

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