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Contextually placed within the genre of world contemporary  experimental music, Hypnagogia embraces an umwelt of liminal qualitative states identifying with meditative experiences and the aesthetics of disorientation and ambiguity. Disorientation, ambiguity and illusion created through a delicate balance of karnatik-driven rhythm, post-romantic melodic pointillism and a kaleidoscopic group sound with continuous and shifting improvisation. Together, the pieces might be conceived as a night of restless sleep ripe with irregularities and a- teleological nonlinearities – embracing both trance like fantasy and transitional states characterized by textural and freely envisaged improvisation. Conveying states between the dream world and wakefulness – hypnagogia – the music integrates prepared instrument techniques, detuned piano, extended sounds, micro-tonality and samples from remote nature and electronics.

Inspired by Zen literature and the power of dreams, It’s a project without notion of genre or artistic borders. The project embraces aspects of world music—specifically the classical music of South India and its rhythmic aspect, expressed through patterns of recession and growth, nuanced polyrhythm, and stretched and extended time cycles

The performance of this music relates to resonant spaces like churches, temples, experimental spatial formats and architectures. This is evening music.

Francesco Bigoni – clarinet, tenor saxophone Anders Banke – bass clarinet Matt Choboter – prepared, detuned piano Luca Sguera – midi patches, sound design Irene Bianco – Balinese gongs, vibraphone, cymbals Jan Kadereit – percussion, modified drum kit

With compositions by Matt Choboter

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