Juniper Fuse

Juniper fuse is inspired by pre-historic cave wall imagery found in the Dordogne valley of Southwestern France. A vital connection point into early human imagination and creativity, caves embody and symbolize psychic wombs that reach back in time and explore the archetypal subconscious. Regarding planet-wide human mental health, poet, Clayton Eshleman reminds us of the need for our “deep mind” or subconscious mind. “For it is in the deep mind that wilderness and the unconsciousness become one, and in some half- understood but very profound way, our relation to the outer ecologies seems conditioned by our inner ecologies.”

Lotte Anker | soprano saxophone
Simon Toldam | microtonal prepared piano
Matt Choboter | microtonal prepared piano
Matias Seibæk | microtonal vibraphone, gran casa, oil can, taiko drums
Peter Bruun | percussion
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