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Upcoming Release for Songlines Recordings

In spring 2022, Matt Choboter’s Hypnopompia is releasing for Songlines Recordings. The sister project to Hypnagogia, Hypnopompia brings together some of Canada’s most intrepid improvising musicians. 

We embraces aspects of world music—specifically the classical music of South India and its rhythmic aspect, expressed through patterns of recession and growth, nuanced polyrhythm, and stretched and extended time cycles – refigured in the context of episodic, contemporary creative music. Traversing states between the dream world and wakefulness the band integrates prepared instrument techniques, extended sounds and live electronics.

With pianist Matt Choboter (Inner Circle Music artist), clarinetist François Houle (Evan Parker, Dave Douglas, Benoît Delbecq, Gordon Grdina), guitarist Jacob Wiens (Nomad, Emma Frank), bassist James Meger (Peggy Lee, Kenny Wollesen, Chris Speed), drummer Andrew Thomson




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