Recent Press:


Postcards of Nostalgia

“Best on Bandcamp” for July 2023 (David Sumner)

AllAboutJazz – double feature with Tania Giannouli (Doug Collette)

“Postcards Of Nostalgia simultaneously expands and blows the mind” – London Jazz News (Frank Graham)


Sleep Inertia

“Best Jazz on AllAboutJazz” for 2023 by Doug Colette

“Best on BandCamp” for July 2022 by Dave Sumner

“post-jazz of a distinctly personalized kind” (Ron Schepper of Textura)



“Hearing Matt is, first and foremost, an emotional experience. Knowledge, virtuosity and sound are at the service of a vision, and Matt’s fearlessness and dedication grab you and never let go. He displays the same intensity in his highly personal compositions, which always tell a story and stay on the listener’s mind for a long time.” (Jean-Michel Pilc, Pianist)


“The presence of a thick fog is no less riveting than the sudden appearance of shapes within its midst. The splashes of melody and washes of harmony swirl back and forth, at times heavy and impenetrable, other times soft and ethereal, but always in motion and perpetually transforming”. (Dave Sumner)

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