Hypnagogia Releases “Anima Revisited” on ILK MUSIC

Anima Revisited ” available as of Nov. 26th, 2021 

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Matt Choboter’s Hypnagogia 

Hypnagogia is a new genre-defying project based in Copenhagen. Transitioning between wakefulness and dreaming, Hypnagogia traverses its subconscious, ripe with disorientation, ambiguity, fantasy-trance and illusion. The written music manifested itself as I grappled with subterranean dream imagery, hallucinations and liminal afternoon reveries, brought on by insomnia and sleep deprivation. It ponders the anima & animus – male and female archetypal images – found within us.

Francesco Bigoni (ITA)– clarinet, tenor saxophone Anders Banke (DK)– bass clarinet Matt Choboter (CAN)– prepared, detuned piano Luca Sguera (ITA)– midi patches, sound design Matias Seibæk (DK)– Balinese gongs, vibraphone, cymbals Jan Kadereit (DE)– extended drum kit, janghu

With compositions by Matt Choboter


Album Trailer Produced by NPR (National Public Radio, USA)
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