Award-winning Canadian composer and pianist, Matt Choboter’s music paints subliminal sound narratives between the cracks of avant-jazz, experimental and contemporary classical. Informed by non-western cultures and eclectic spiritualism, he embraces liminal psychology and dream work; immersive explorations into wild nature; a rather sentient, animistic existential orientation; and a musical practice which absorbs particular features of South Indian classical and Balinese Gamelan. 


Choboter’s music invites reflection into the deep past whether on a personal or collective scale. This reflects itself in his travels to places like Chennai (studying oral musical traditions of South India), Delphi (explorations into myths of ancient Greece) and the Dordogne Valley (delving into palaeolithic cave art of southern France).


Matt makes music with international artists like Lotte Anker, Trichy Sankaran, Maria Faust, Peter Bruun, François Houle, Peggy Lee, and Simon Toldam. A member of Inner Circle Music (NY) , ILK Music (DK) and Songlines Recordings (CA), his music has been described as: “post-jazz of a distinctly personalized kind” (Ron Schepper of Textura); “Densely expressive music” with a “dreamlike aura” (Fabricio Vieira); music that is “reminiscent of very original film music” (Ken Vos). 


Choboter’s recent release “Sleep Inertia” was heralded “Best Jazz of 2022” (All About Jazz, U.S.A) and “Best Jazz on Bandcamp for July 2022” (Dave Sumner). Sumner writes that the music is – “at times heavy and impenetrable, other times soft and ethereal, but always in motion and perpetually transforming”.


Based in Copenhagen, Matt holds an Advanced Post Diploma in Composition and research from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. His “microtonal prepared piano” continues to be a nucleus for surprising and ambitious chamber ensemble-commissioned formats.

Locusts & Honey
Matt Choboter
Music for Microtonal Prepared Piano
Matt Choboter Band
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