Multi award-winning Canadian composer/pianist, Matt has recorded/performed with international artists like Lotte Anker, Peter Bruun, Trichy Sankaran, Brad Turner, François Houle, Simon Toldam and Maria Faust. Matt has released four studio albums. Most recently “Hypnagogia” was released on ILK Music and the sister project “Hypnopompia” for Songlines Recordings. The later recently made “Best Jazz on Bandcamp” for the month of July 2022. A member of Inner Circle Music (NY) his album Spillimacheen has been described as “post-jazz of a distinctly personalized kind” (Ron Schepper of Textura). Based in Copenhagen, Matt recently finishing his Advanced Post Diploma in Composition and research at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. His artistic research focuses on reimagining the acoustic piano which he calls the “microtonal prepared piano”.

Locusts & Honey
Matt Choboter
Music for Microtonal Prepared Piano
Matt Choboter Band
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