Represented by Greg Osby and the Inner Circle Music (INCM) label, Spillimacheen merges the Canadian east and west coast post-jazz scenes.

After an extended study period in South India, the music began to take shape during four extended camping trips across and through the Canadian wilderness. The beauty of the ever-changing Canadian landscapes – from Vancouver to Montreal – served as an abstract textural backdrop for the musical expression. After a year and a half of living together, constant experimentation and rehearsal together and a 15-stop cross Canada tour in 2017 the music was documented. This original set of works draws from concepts of recession and growth, varied dialogue between spontaneity and intricate composition, time experienced on both the micro and macro levels and polyrhythmic interactions with the goal of highly subjective perceptual flexibility. Informed by Carnatic rhythmic ideas, of how time and space can be experienced with great accuracy by way of interacting large- scale and small-scale frameworks. The goal to infuse multi- cultural musical practices and procedures into a Canadian post- jazz context.

With trumpeter Simon Millerd (Pablo Held, Emma Frank), double- bassist Cole Birney-Stewart (John Hollenbeck, Jean-Michel Pilc), guitarist Maxime Rheault-Trembley and drummer Andrew Thomson (Brad Turner).


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