Selected as “Best Jazz on BandCamp” for July 2022 by Dave Sumner

“The presence of a thick fog is no less riveting than the sudden appearance of shapes within its midst. The splashes of melody and washes of harmony swirl back and forth, at times heavy and impenetrable, other times soft and ethereal, but always in motion and perpetually transforming”.

CD available HERE Digital available HERE 

PRESS (All About Jazz)



The music stems from the curiosity of navigating states between wakefulness and dreaming.

Whether emerging from deep sleep, shallow sleep or an afternoon reverie, hypnopompic states can be liminal spaces where things might increasingly become more controlled or cerebral amongst receding personal or collective experiences and sensory distortion. One might encounter mysterious archetypal characters or projections which bring forth disorientation, ambiguity and perhaps illusion.

Beyond the psychological, this music embraces South Asian classical music’s nuanced polyrhythms and extended time cycles, refigured in the context of contemporary creative music, jazz and ambient music.

Released July 15, 2022 for Songlines Recordings (Vancouver).


François Houle clarinet, electronics
Jacob Wiens guitar, electronics
Matt Choboter piano, preparations, drone collages, compositions
James Meger electric bass, double bass & electronics
Andrew Thomson drumset & percussion



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