Virtual Listening App

Take an intimate, virtual walk through the recording session of Matt Choboter’s Hypnagogia. Designed in UNITY by Yann Coppier this app offers you an embodied experience as you walk through KoncertKirken (Cph) with 16 omni-directional microphones scattered throughout the space.

To enter the virtual listening space press HERE (mac) or HERE (pc). You’ll be required to download the app (389.5 mb). If it doesn’t begin downloading on its own, please copy+paste one of these links to your search browser.

For a guided tour (without download) ~ CLICK HERE

Additional info: On Mac, if the system won’t open the app press ctrl+click on the app, then choose Open. It is standard protection measure on Mac OS for unwanted app. We do NOT collect anything about you or your computer. The files are rather large so you know, mostly because of the complex way the music was recorded. On some computers that might result in slow visuals, please reduce the resolution and quality if that’s the case (press ESC to access the menu). Please consider this release is free, so we won’t make big changes upon request. For eventual issues and questions, you may contact Yann here: [email protected]

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